Sunday, 4 September 2011

Denis Wingham wins Highest air with broken knee!

Photo by Ben Harrow.

Some things never change! Shoutout to the mad Denis Wingham, winner of highest air in the keyhole with a broken knee!

Monday, 29 August 2011


Thanks to everyone that attended and supported King of Southsea this year, we managed to pull it off despite the rain mid day both days!  Huge thanks to the Skatepark board, all staff, Jenna and the Community Fusion volunteers, Brian and Sarah at Park Cafe, Luke Fuller and all the DJ's who did an amazing job all weekend, Ben Marvin for the hop-o-meter, all judges, all the riders and spectators, and last but not least the sponsors who gave some awesome prizes this year, Zeal BMX deserve a huge shoutout for giving the frame and so much more, Josh and Ian @ 4 down, Colin and Stuart at Seventies, Deep BMX, Total BMX, Proper Bike Co, Flatware, IMG Distribution, John and Carlos at Pijin, S&M for some amazing flatland prizes, Chris Massey at Function Flatland!, Farren and Lucy at DonaldsBMX store for all their support, Mike Netley at Case Mag, Mason Smith at Scoop Distribution (Vocal, DK), the Lab, Purpl Brand, Ffwd bmx, Rich at The Source, Mark Noble at DeluxeBMX, Johann at Emer clothing, Phil Aller at Profile. Sam Kew for the poster design, Simon Tiller for getting the posters printed for free!  I've probably forgotten someone, so hit me up and let me know.

We'll be back next year! 

BMX is fun, crack a smile!

Winner of King of Southsea!

And the winner of the 2011 Overall King of Southsea...........Issac Clarke, congrats Issac! Its also worth noting he won the un announced best trick the judges voted on for the huge spine gap to double peg on the planter, it was awesome! 

I'm out!


Prince of Southsea!

The winner of AM, and thus Prince of Southsea was Dan Wiltshire! Reppin' Pijin!

Long jump!

The day finished with long jump out of the bowl, right at the end it was getting nuts between Ben Thrower and James Weetch, during the 10 minute time limit, Ben Thrower took the win with a huge 12ft jump out of the snake run, out of the time James Weetch just topped it with 12.2, but the win went to Ben Thrower as it was it in the 10 min time period. Congrats to Ben Thrower! That was the last event of the contest!

Highest air in the Keyhole!

This years winner, Denis Wingham at 6ft (with a broken knee), on the last air of the contest! Closely followed by Ben Cobley at 5.5ft, and Declan Brooks at 4ft!

Donalds BMX Highest Bunnyhop Challenge!

Ben Marvin killed it in the highest bunnyhop challenge! This was such a fun event! 100cm took the win, Marvin is a beast!